Oil on canvas titled ‘Breathe,’ capturing the essence of finding calm and resilience amidst chaos, serving as a reminder to pause and breathe in challenging times.

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Yehonatan Geffen

Oil painting of Yehonatan Geffen, capturing the warmth and depth of his character with tender brushstrokes, reflecting the admiration and affection he inspires.

Listening, Haughty Woman

Oil painting capturing a woman in a listening pose with empathy and a haughty expression of dignity, illustrating the complexity of human emotions.

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Pop Art Perfection

Portrait of a woman holding a bouquet, where each flower, from bold roses to delicate daisies, symbolizes love, innocence, and resilience, conveying a message of hope and positivity.

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Colorful river stones

Oil painting of a small boat resting on colorful river stones along a serene seaside shore, with a calm sea and sky painted in soft, muted tones of dawn or dusk

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Woman's Portrait of Unveiled Truth

Portrait of a woman with an intense yet serene gaze, embodying the bravery of being true to oneself and the strength found in vulnerability

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Clinging to the Walls

Black and white oil painting capturing a naked woman with arms outstretched, clinging to walls, her face expressing blissful contentment, evoking a sense of vulnerability and peace

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Swirling Woman

Artwork of a woman in a swirling dance, her movements accentuated against a stark black and white background, capturing the lively essence and rhythm of the dance.

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Wonder and curiosity

Black and white oil painting of a woman looking upwards with wonder and curiosity, her hands playfully engaging with the light, creating a dramatic interplay of shadows and illumination

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Trying to breathe

Black and white painting of a woman looking upwards, her expression one of longing and resilience, capturing her profound attempt to breathe, with a focus on the intensity around her eyes and mouth.

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Oil painting of a woman with her skin peeling away like an orange, revealing vibrant flowers blossoming from within, symbolizing transformation and the emergence of beauty from vulnerability.

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Johnny Cash

An oil painting captures the iconic Johnny Cash in a moment of introspection, his face rendered with meticulous detail and deep, expressive shadows. The textured strokes of oil paint bring to life his characteristic features, from the intensity of his gaze to the subtle hint of a weathered smile. The choice of colors and shading convey the depth of his music and the complexity of his persona, evoking a sense of nostalgia and reverence for the legendary musician. This artwork immortalizes Cash's enduring legacy in the realm of music and culture, inviting viewers to reflect on his profound impact on the world of country and rock 'n' roll

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Black and white oil painting of a graceful ballerina, her dress intricately adorned with gold accents, creating a captivating contrast against the stark backdrop.

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Woman in Layers

Oil painting of a woman depicted in layers akin to wine sediments on canvas, symbolizing her depth and complexity, inviting viewers to explore her character.

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We were truly born in the wrong era.

Oil painting tribute to Arik Einstein, Uri Zohar, and Tzvika Shissel, capturing their essence and the profound impact of their legacies, evoking nostalgia and longing for the era they influenced.

Notting Hill

“Oil painting of Notting Hill's picturesque streets lined with colorful houses in soft pastels to bold hues, showcasing the charming architecture and vibrant atmosphere of the London neighborhood.

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Tel Aviv

Oil painting depicting Tel Aviv's evolution, with one side in vivid colors representing the modern cityscape and the other in black and white showcasing its historical buildings and tranquil past.

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Oil painting of a woman gracefully floating, with striking blue eyes and a vivid, colorful background, capturing a moment of ethereal beauty

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Profound sense

Oil painting of a woman in profile with an expression of profound sadness, set against a backdrop of vibrant, colorful geometric shapes, symbolizing the contrast of human vulnerability and emotional complexity.

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Stark contrast

Oil painting of a woman's portrait divided into two halves; one side is rendered in a realistic style highlighting her facial features and emotions, while the other half is abstract with colorful, vibrant lines symbolizing her inner world.

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Pop-art portrait

A large, vibrant painting that captures the essence of the artist's evolving style, featuring expressive subjects and a dynamic use of color to reflect a spectrum of emotions

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The Rabbi 770

Oil painting capturing the unique and piercing gaze of a rabbi, reflecting an intense spiritual experience, with detailed attention to the eyes and wrinkles

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Oil painting of a young girl shown in a dualistic portrayal with her realistic features and expressions in the foreground, contrasted by an abstract, red-toned figure in the background symbolizing her vibrant spirit and potential future complexities.

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A Vibrant Street in Tel Aviv

Black and white oil painting capturing the essence of Tel Aviv's streets, blending history, culture, and modernity through the interplay of light and shadow, showcasing the city's timeless charm.


Oil painting of Amsterdam showcasing its iconic canals, colorful historic houses, and dynamic scenes of boats gliding on water, with the backdrop of famous landmarks and a lively sky.

Tel aviv street scene

Colorful oil painting of Tel Aviv, showcasing its lively streets and modern architecture with bright, expressive colors and a central black and white picture that nods to the city's historical past.


Oil painting of a vibrant, colorful self-portrait symbolizing peace with past trauma, with two background figures in black and white representing past selves overshadowed by trauma, illustrating personal growth and transformation.

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